Loven Systems is a privately held cutting-edge software solutions company, head quartered in Michigan, USA.

Founded in August 2014, Loven Systems is focused on bringing new trends and solutions to business market, currently focused on product development, revealing to how to organizations derive value from explicit and tacit acquired knowledge about their customers and operating environment.

Our flagship platform, code named “ DIWO™ ” (Data In Wisdom Out), is based on patent-pending technology and innovative foundation that integrates cognitive computing, machine learning, semantic technologies, optimization, and data technologies, all in a unified framework. The end result has an unprecedented ease of use by business users and analysts and just-in-time extraction of value from big data in the user’s situational and mental context.

Loven Systems’ mission is inspired by a conviction to bridge the cognitive gap between information technology and business users by developing a deeper understanding of human behavior in business situations, augmenting the technology to align to user’s persona as oppose to having the individual adapt to its restrictions.

Loven Systems products and solutions are based on DIWO™ (Data In Wisdom Out), an innovative foundation inspired by cognitive computing and user-behavior modeling. The foundation is built using distributed actor-based reactive architecture leveraging Apache Spark computing engine.