Loven Systems products and solutions are based on DIWO™ (Data In Wisdom Out), an innovative foundation inspired by cognitive computing and user-behavior modeling. The foundation is built using distributed actor-based reactive architecture leveraging Apache Spark computing engine.

Our soon to be launched first solutions offering using the DIWO foundation is targeted for business managers and decision makers, who by having just-in-time access to predictive and prescriptive insights from Big Data, will be empowered to make better and quicker decisions in the context of their job functions.

Salient features of DIWO powered solutions include:
  • Cognitively assisted planning with just-in-time relevant knowledge
  • Next best action guidance with evidence-based explanation
  • Exploratory capability enabled in a natural conversational style
  • Engaging users through contextual and interactive visualizations

DIWO solutions will be available as an appliance with pre-configured hardware, software, and connections to pertinent external data sources and services. Customers will be able to readily deploy and derive benefits instantly – the benefits will grow over time, as more and more customers data is ingested by the appliance. Stay tuned for the product release later this year.

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